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Center for Yoga is the premier studio on the west coast, and one of the top studios in the US. We are committed to  excellence in teaching, service to our community, and meeting our clients where they are to support their personal growth. 

In the spring of 2001, a group of long-time students of CFY and  neighbors in the Larchmont area came together to reopen this iconic studio. We fully honor the legacy and pioneers who made CFY what it is today. We also look to the future to build a vibrant studio that is relevant and dynamic, and fully in service to our teachers, our students, and our community.
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LA’s Premier Yoga Studio Since 1967

Yoga Classes

Established in 1967, the Center for Yoga is the longest continuously operating yoga studio in Los Angeles.  Center for Yoga is a space where students at any stage in their practice, from novice to expert, can learn, grow, and challenge themselves at their personal level. Through our thoughtfully designed class offerings, students can improve their practice and gain a deeper understanding of the origins and theories of yoga with guidance from the best teachers in the country.

Our Vision

To continually restore the breath, rejuvenate the body, revive the spirit, and renew our community.

Our Mission

The Center of Yoga pursues an eclectic, inclusive, and non-dogmatic approach to the study of hatha yoga as taught by the most outstanding teachers in the various yoga traditions. Community owned and operated, the Center offers classes in a wide range of yoga styles and encourages each student to use the full depth and breadth of hatha yoga heritage to explore a personal path toward self-transformation.

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Bring Bare Feet

Please remove your shoes. There have been work boots and running shoes and fashionable sandals tromping and tracking...