Gomukhāsana – Cow’s Face Pose

What pops into your head when you hear the word cow? Probably nothing to dramatic! I remember lightly touching the muzzle of a white statue of Nandi as I entered a temple in India. Nandi is the Sacred Bull of the Hindu god Shiva – the transformer, the one who vanquishes evil – a most […]

Navasana: How to Float Your Boat

I can see the expression on everyone’s face now! Some sigh, others sit a little straighter, for this is the pose everyone loves to hate. Core strength and stability is the buzz of the moment, and rightfully so. Due to poor posture and a sedentary lifestyle, many of us have weak backs, abdominal muscles, and […]

Building Bridges, From Here to Eternity

Bridges are built for crossing over something, for crossing to the other side of lakes, channels, ravines. And we speak of building bridges between different points of view, bridging the gap, or a bridge through the darkness. We would hope that these bridges are reliable, firm, and safe. In yoga the bridge pose is well […]