How Did We Get To This Logo?

CFY Cover

“This logo draws me in, just as yoga does, into a journey to the Center. Like Russian nested eggs, our center resides at our core, from the physical, emotional, wisdom bodies to the body of pure presence.”  ~ Lisa Walford The logo we chose to represent the next phase of the Center for Yoga is […]

Guru Purnima

The Guru Purnima full moon, which falls mid-summer, marks one of the most beautiful and sacred traditions in the Vedic world. This is the night when we celebrate the gurus in our lives. On Guru Purnima we honor the teachers who informed us, guided us to new perspectives and changed us. We celebrate gurus like […]

The Two Sides of Change

We often forget that all change has two parts. The destruction of the old and the creation of the new. Even if we do something so simple as deciding we want to wear a different shirt today, we have to take off the shirt we have on before we can put on the new one.  […]