Community Saves Beloved Center For Yoga

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Community Saves Beloved Center For Yoga


Larchmont Village Mainstay Reopens Tuesday,  August 24, 2021 

(Thursday, July 8, 2021, Los Angeles) The Center for Yoga – Los Angeles’ longest, continual  running yoga studio – will reopen its doors on Tuesday, August 24, 2021 thanks to a coalition  of former teachers and staff, students, neighbors, investors, and local business owners who led  a monumental community-based effort to reclaim the historic space that served as a pillar of the  Larchmont Village neighborhood since 1968. 

To celebrate opening day, the Center for Yoga will offer a full day of free classes beginning  with an all-levels class at 11 a.m., taught by a group of world’s most respected teachers:  Jeanne Heileman, Joe Kara, Patti Lewis, Andrea Marcum, and Lisa Walford.  

Like many businesses, the pandemic hit the yoga business hard. The Center was founded in  1967 by yoga pioneer Ganga White, and was purchased and run by YogaWorks in 2004, until  the pandemic hit, when they closed the studio and shifted to an online business model. Shortly  thereafter, a “For Lease” sign was posted on the building – a foreboding reminder of an  unimaginable loss of a sacred space – until the community stepped in to save it. Now the  Center will return to its historic home, owned and operated by local residents and members of  the yoga community.  

“Reopening the Center for Yoga in its original space is a tribute and testament to the  generations of students, teachers, and larger community who are an integral part of the Center’s 

enduring legacy,” said Randy Paskal, Board President. “Over the past several years I have had  the privilege to develop my personal practice in this amazing studio and it is an honor to be part  of the revival of the operations within our community and breathe life back into the Center, a  space that indelibly shaped the yoga community worldwide.” 

Center for Yoga former manager Deb Anderson will return as General Manager, working  alongside consultant Lisa Haase, who was the owner/director of the Center from 2000 – 2004. Lisa Walford, Senior Iyengar Yoga Instructor, began her yoga journey at the Center in 1982,  and now returns to her former home (literally, she used to live above the studio) as an investor. 

“To be a part of the reopening of the Center is very special,” says Walford. “The Center’s impact  extends far beyond its physical space, into the Larchmont Village neighborhood, the city of Los  Angeles, and the broader yoga community. Reopening the doors is a symbol of unity, the power  of will inherent in the practice of yoga, and a little bit of grace!” 

Upon hearing about the closing of the studio, yoga instructor and teacher trainer Kim Fisch, who  taught at the Center for Yoga for 14 years, was inspired to launch “Revolving Around the  Center,” a documentary-style podcast and love letter to the Center, featuring interviews with  friends, fellow teachers, students, and treasured staff members. Now the podcast continues as  a celebration of the Center’s continued legacy.  

As it begins to draw hundreds of students to the studio each week, the Center for Yoga’s  reopening will contribute greatly to the financial wellness and social vitality of Larchmont  Boulevard. Many local businesses experienced significant revenue loss when the studio closed,  and students no longer frequented their shops and restaurants. 

Founding monthly membership starts at $145. More information about the Center for Yoga,  including the class schedule, instructor information, and special membership packages can be  found at 

Center for Yoga Investors 

Diana Buckhantz, Foundation Executor, Buckhantz Family Foundation 

Sam Doniger, Entrepreneur 

Randy Paskal, President of Filmtools and Moviola 

Lisa Walford, Senior Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor & Teacher Trainer

The driving forces behind the reopening are Katharine DeShaw, President, Philanthropology;  Michael Barton, Managing Director of Michael Barton Consulting, LLC; and Jae Yoo, Executive  Director, Cushman & Wakefield. 

Center for Yoga is a majority female-owned business. 

About Center for Yoga 

Los Angeles’s longest, continual running yoga studio, Center for Yoga was founded in 1967 by  Ganga White before joining forces with YogaWorks in 2004. Center for Yoga was a singular  training school and among the first global pioneers of an independent, eclectic approach to yoga  practice. Bringing multiple branches of yoga under one roof enabled teachers to adapt rigorous  practices like Ashtanga and Iyengar for a contemporary western student by blending them into  what is now known as the very popular “Vinyasa Flow.” Center for Yoga hosted up to 120  classes a week, taught by accomplished local and national teachers, and significantly  transformed the yoga landscape in Los Angeles and beyond. Community-owned and operated,  the new Center for Yoga will build upon this storied history by offering a wide range of yoga  styles as taught by the most outstanding teachers in the various yoga traditions. 

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Lisa Bellamore/Crescent Communications 



Community Saves Beloved Center For Yoga

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