Guru Purnima


Guru Purnima

The Guru Purnima full moon, which falls mid-summer, marks one of the most beautiful and sacred traditions in the Vedic world. This is the night when we celebrate the gurus in our lives. On Guru Purnima we honor the teachers who informed us, guided us to new perspectives and changed us.

We celebrate gurus like the high school teacher who taught us to love words, and the great aunt who taught us to speak truth. We thank teachers like the coworker that triggers us, and the sibling who still treats us like we are 6. We honor those yoga teachers who taught us to push just to the edge of comfort and hold it, and how to use our breath to allow long-stifled and feared emotions to rise up and out.

We celebrate the teachers who saw our curiosity, noticed us watching them, noticed us following sheepishly a few steps behind. And then they invited us in, left the door ajar just enough, and waited for us on the other side.

Email that teacher and say thank you. Light a candle to celebrate that great aunt. Call your sibling and chat, and laugh when the triggering comes. Text your yoga teacher and tell him you honor him this Guru Purnima. Honor who you are today because of your teachers.

We offer a deep bow of gratitude to our teachers this Guru Purnima.

Guru Purnima

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