How Did We Get To This Logo?

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How Did We Get To This Logo?

“This logo draws me in, just as yoga does, into a journey to the Center. Like Russian nested eggs, our center resides at our core, from the physical, emotional, wisdom bodies to the body of pure presence.” 

~ Lisa Walford

The logo we chose to represent the next phase of the Center for Yoga is more than a letter.  Our “C” is a labyrinth.  The labyrinth was used in ancient cultures to symbolize a journey inward to some goal, some treasure, some desire.  It’s not a quick or direct path.  It’s winding and repetitive.  We find ourselves circling back to pass the same place again. 

We may pause at the entrance to the labyrinth, knowing that it curves and swoops and is not the shortest path, and some choose to step into it.  No one makes us go to a yoga class.  We choose it.  We continue to “practice” yoga, knowing we will never perfect it.

There is nothing in the center of our labyrinth.  It’s empty space.  It’s your center to fill with your vision. It’s our job to hold that space open, clear, waiting for you, to fill as you need.

We placed our bright orange labyrinth on a neutral, dark grey background so that it jumps out and has life and movement.  It seems to pulse like a heartbeat.  The deep orange is the color of fire, of Agni.  The Vedic world honors Agni as a powerful form of transformation and fire is used in almost all ceremonies.  We all know the fire of holding a pose, the fire of our vision, the fire of our commitment to our practice.  We honor that fire.  We call it forward.

For this new phase for the Center for Yoga, we chose something very different than you may expect from a yoga studio because the Center for Yoga is different than any other yoga studio.  We are here for those who choose the circuitous path.  We are here, holding the center open and clear for you.  We are here to help you tend your fire.  We are here to witness your return to the center.

Massive thanks to Greg Lindy of Lux Typographic + Design for the very circuitous path it took to get here.  You are so talented Greg.  Thanks for playing. 

How Did We Get To This Logo?

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