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Yoga Workshops

Tuesday, October 19, 8pm to 9:15pm

Lila Bassior: Sound Bath

A Sound Bath is an acoustic music healing journey that helps relax and reset the body and the mind. Using ancient sound healing instruments like crystal singing bowls, planetary tuned gongs, ocean drums and koshi chimes, the sympathetic nervous system (our fight or flight/ stress response ) is quieted so that our parasympathetic nervous system (our rest and digest response) can turn on and heal the body and mind from the inside out.

Studies have shown that Sound baths can help relieve feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression, help regulate blood pressure, promote healthy sleep, alleviate insomnia, help heighten clarity, deepen meditation and help release what is no longer serving- mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Give yourself the gift of an hour where you have to do nothing but lie down, breathe and receive.

About Lila

Lila is a 500hr E-RYT YogaWorks certified teacher and is thrilled to share her knowledge and love of yoga, pranayama, meditation, ayurveda and sound healing with students of all ages and all experience levels. Insatiably curious, she enjoys being the forever student as well as the teacher, and continues to bring new ideas, philosophies and healing modalities into her classes with enthusiasm, excitement and playfulness. Lila loves creating classes and sequences that are intelligently sequenced and challenging, yet fun and accessible, leaning into her belief that yoga truly is for everyone. She is delighted to be returning to Center For Yoga and to have the opportunity to share her passion with all those who desire to tread the glorious path of yoga.

Please bring a yoga mat, blanket and pillow (and anything else you need to be comfy)

NOTE:  Masks and proof of vaccination or negative covid test required to attend. Capacity will be limited due to Covid safety measures.

Payment required at time of registration

$45 Member pre-registation

$50 Non-Member pre-registation

$55 Day of the event registation


Anne Van Valkenburg Journey Series:

Reigniting Your Practice, Coming Back to Basics

Tuesday & Thursday, November 2, 4, 9 and 11

8:00am  to 10:00am

For the past 2 years, most of us have either been practicing solo in our homes, with a community on zoom, or perhaps our practice has disappeared.  In this 4-part journey series, we will focus on reigniting our practice, returning to the basics within each category of poses. We will explore anatomical techniques, revisit the purpose and benefits of asana, how to modify our practice and how to access the tools to foster our relationship with yoga. These sessions will include asana practice, “posture” labs and discussion. 

Practice 1:  Surya Namaskar. Connecting with the ancient and ritualistic sequence. Physically, these movements help build both strength and mobility. Mentally, they sharpen our focus. Spiritually, we connect with our life-giving breath and, perhaps, something greater than ourselves. 

Practice 2: Standing Poses. Explore how these asanas are the foundation of the physical practice. 

Practice 3:  Backbends and Inversions. These postures can be stimulating, energizing and meditative. They can also be overwhelming, especially when you are practicing at home. They require an understanding of mechanics and mindfulness. We will practice safe ways to practice these asanas on our own. 

Practice 4: Forward Bends and Seated Postures. These types of postures have always been interesting to me. The benefits can be calming and quieting, but not for everyone. Different bodies require a different set of instructions to practice forward bends safely and effectively.

About Anne:

Anne has been a student since 1999, and a teacher since 2003. For 16 years she taught public classes and private clients in Los Angeles, as well as traveled nationally and internationally teaching the Yoga Works 200-Hour and 500-Hour Teacher Training Programs. For the past two years, she has been teaching in Hawaii, and online.